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Barrow Blizzard Day Shakedown


Got into Utquiaǵvik just before winds and blowing snow got really bad yesterday. Up here for our 4th annual early winter trip to the North Slope to observe snow and ice conditions between Barrow Peninsula and Teshekpuk Lake.  UIC had done a nice job of organizing our gear and snogos. We got fuel last night and were ready to start prepping gear and go out on tundra for a shakedown ride before our journey to Teshekpuk tomorrow. We ventured out in about 25 mph winds out of NNE to measure ice thickness on twin lakes in the BEO about 5 miles from town, which was plenty far enough on day with not much visibility.


Ice was reasonably thick on both lakes, averaging about 40 cm and not too much snow cover on lakes. Strong side winds made any exposed skin immediately notable heading out from the NARL buildings. On return, it was amazing how close we got to lights of buildings before we could actually see them through the moving whiteness.


All went well though and keeping our fingers crossed that forecast for calmer conditions tomorrow are right.